In general drinking alcohol is a dangerous thing which cause many health issues that too when you are feeding your infant child then it will cause several problems in the child’s health. So it is strongly recommended that one should not drink alcohol when she is feeding her child. The breastfeeding requires a different typed of the balanced diet that enables your child to get the best healthy and energized things from your breast milk. However when the alcohol content is mixed in your body and this will be creating an unpleasant situation for you and more to your child, so it is extremely important that you avoid drinking alcohol at least for this upbringing period.

  • It is a well known thing that during the breastfeeding time you need to intake lots of fluids and liquids only then your baby will be getting a healthy vitamins and minerals from your breast milk.
  • Else when you drink lots of alcohol then it means that you are going to put your baby health at risk, so before you going to drink just think of your baby’s healthy.

The breastfeeding and alcohol can damage your child’s brain and depending on the level of alcohol you drink you can find the effect on your breast milk where it is common even when you drink less alcohol it makes the milk sour and distasteful.

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During this period in which when women becomes a mother for the first time she will be extremely susceptible and vulnerable where she may even feel accused of her dress. After the birth she must be careful in her food menus because only when he eats the healthy foods her baby will be getting the enough minerals, vitamins and immunity power from her breast milk and it is also important that the mother should intake lots and lots of liquid and fluids.