Many men and women worldwide these days have a crush on a wide range of delectable alcoholic beverages. If you are very conscious about the overall health condition of your beloved baby and your health condition on a regular basis, then you have to take note of breast feeding and alcohol interrelation right now. Breastfeeding women have to avoid alcohol and keep their baby healthy.

Breast milk is an important supplement required by every infant in the early stage of the life. Mothers only provide the breast milk to their infant for the first year. Breast milk contains essential

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Immunity elements as required by the new born

Enjoy the party without alcohol

As the new mother with a desire to attend the upcoming party, you may have loads of ideas about your clothing, fashion accessories and consumption of special alcoholic beverages after a long time. You have to quit your ideas about the alcohol party at least two years after your child is born and breastfeeding is over. Every new mother requires a balanced diet chart and ensures about they give the healthy milk to their baby. They and their baby will suffer from some health problems when they consume alcohol.

Make your new born healthy

In general, alcohol is the main source of liver related health problems. All new born babies have an immature liver. If a mother consumes alcohol and breastfeed her baby, then her baby will suffer from the liver health problem. Every infant can detoxify the alcohol at ½ rates when compared to how adults detoxify alcohol. Mother’s breast milk only provides the maximum antibodies to newborn. You have to bear in mind this fact and keep away from alcohol.  Even though new mothers can consume the moderate amount of alcohol, they cannot control their wishes to consume alcoholic beverages after they have begun consuming.