Interrelation between breastfeeding and alcohol

Breast milk is the most important supplements for all the infants for their early stages of life. At that early stage or for the first year, breast milk is the only food that provides all the important vitamins, minerals and immunity to the new born. But after suffering so much restrictions and the pain, it is been observed that many of the new mothers want to take a break after giving birth of their child. Now they want to enjoy doing some party and enjoy.
In today’s world, most of the time party means junk foods and consumption of alcohols. And here comes the main issue for the new mother as whether they should drink alcohol at that stage or not. Breastfeeding and alcohol have a very old relation and it is strongly recommended that drinking alcohol is not allowed at least for the first two years after your child is born. Breastfeeding requires a balanced and different diet chart in order to be sure that you’re giving the best milk to your child but during period of time, if you consume alcohol then it may create an unpleasant situation for you and child also.

It affects the baby’s health

For the new born babies they have an immature liver and thus small amount of alcohol can create a big problem in their body health system. It has been observed that the infants detoxify the alcohol at a half rate than the adults. As mother’s breast milk provides so many antibodies to the newborn babies to fight against several infections, good quality of breast milk is extremely important for them and hence it is advisable to the new mothers that if you consume alcohol during this time, then you should take it in moderate rate so that it doesn’t affect the babies from getting the pure breast milk. Not only that, it is also a proven fact that alcohol also affects the mother’s breast milk, it makes it distasteful and sour.

In the recent research reports on breastfeeding and alcohol, it has been found that alcohol freely passes but doesn’t stays in the mother’s breast milk and it returns to the main blood stream of the mother. For her it takes almost one to three hours to eliminate that alcohol from the body. Hence, if you are a new mother and consuming alcohol, then you should take it in a moderate rate and moreover you should skip to feed your baby during one to three hours after taking the alcohol.

How it affects the mother?

If you are having a plan to have some alcohol then it is advisable that you store some of your breast milk before consuming that alcohol and feed it to your baby while the alcohol remains in your body. Studies have also proved that an alcoholic mother becomes intoxicated more quickly than a normal woman and thus it decreases the milk production or can create problems for the babies like drowsiness, weakness, deep sleep, retardation of metal development and etc. So, it is always best that feed your baby straight before you are going to have some alcohol.
While discussing on the topic of breastfeeding and alcohol it can be said that if you are planning to have alcohol then you should take it in a moderate or it will be good for you if really don’t take it. You must also consume a large amount of water in order to ease the effects of alcohol on your body. Hence, it is your responsibility to give the best intake of food to your child and at the end of the day it can be said, think twice about your baby before consuming alcohol.